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Free Consultancy and project planning

Turn-key service
Neotek has advanced technologies and core competitiveness in extrusion machinery manufacturing. Neotek is a professional global turn-key service provider for extrusion machines. By providing services ranging from planning, site selection, design, civil works, equipment manufacturing, installation and all the way to commissioning, we helped our customers to build complete plastic product production factories.

Regional Service Centers
Neotek sets up regional service centers to provide our customers with professional service that includes spare parts supply, equipment maintenance, renovation and so forth. In addition, Neotek offers maintenance service and spare parts supply for all kinds of extrusion machines.
Neotek has whole set equipment for extrusion production, including material preparing (such as material feeding, material mixing), plastic products extrusion lines, and waste product recycling equipment (crusher, grinder and pelletizer... ).

Besides the equipment, we also have professional engineers to provide formula and production process instruction for all kinds of extrusion.

Clients just need to show us their final products, we will choose suitable machines and send professional engineers to help install, start the equipment, adjusting the formula to get qualified products. Also our engineers will train the client’s worker to run the equipment independently.
For different users, Neotek provides a different but complete training plan: Including the mechanical principle, electrical control, automation, fault handling, lubrication, screw and barrel dismantle, and other maintenance, operation and debugging, etc.

The specific training time and place will be agreed upon by both parties.

Training methods mainly include the below two kinds.

Neotek factory training
During the period of equipment in the factory installation debugging, Neotek will invite users to visit our factory and provides actual operation and maintenance of related training

User factory training
During the period of site equipment installation and debugging, Neotek will provide actual operation and maintenance of related training.
If you have any question about machine operation and maintenance, also if you have some good advice for machine improvement, you are welcome to contact the following:

Domestic Clients Overseas Clients
Name: Mr. Yang Name: Mr. Zhou
Tel: +86-159 5093 6838 Tel: +86-186 2102 6288
Email: service@neotek.cn Email: service@neotek.cn
QQ: 106403462 Skype: neotekplas
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